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Replication of OS and applications

Backup expert Pierre Dorion offers advice on setting up a DR site for existing critical servers at a remote place using Legato's Replistor.

We plan to setup a DR site for existing critical servers at a remote place using Legato's Replistor. Can Replistor replicate the OS and applications, and then move the systems to remote place and set it for replication? Or,do we need to install OS and applications for the remote site and replicate data only?
Replistor was not designed as a bare metal restore type of solution; it was designed mostly for application data replication. Although it is capable of replicating OS files and registry keys, it requires that an OS and software components be installed on both the source and target system.

You must therefore have at least two operational systems with appropriate application and Replistor software installed. You then proceed with an initial data synchronization, which could be done while both systems are in the same location to work around possible bandwidth limitation issues. Then, you could move the target system to the remote location, where it would continue receiving updates on changing data.

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