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Replication between different vendors' arrays

I am looking for help validating the fact that when doing storage-controller-based replication (SRDF for example), the hardware platforms at each end must be of the same make. So, if Hitachi is at one end, I must deploy Hitachi at the other. Having a Hitachi system at one end and an IBM Shark or EMC Symmetrix at the other is a non-starter. How can I confirm this?

As far as I know, it is true that EMC disks can only replicate between EMC disks, and Hitachi disks can only replicate between Hitachi disks, etc. Each hardware vendor uses its own proprietary protocol to perform this replication. I have never heard anything that would contradict this.

If you need a firmer answer, I recommend contacting each of the hardware vendors directly.

If you have the need to replicate data between hardware arrays from different vendors, you need to contact a company like VERITAS or Legato, and use one of their host-based replication products.

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