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RAID configuration with three hard drives

Storage expert Greg Schulz discusses the possibility of configuring a RAID-1 with 3 total hard drives.

In the RAID-1 system, is there a way to configure the RAID-1 with three total hard drives (in order to tolerate two simultaneous drive failures)?
The answer is going to depend upon whose implementation of RAID-1 you are using and if it supports a multi-drive RAID-1 configuration. I have worked with systems in the past that support three drive RAID-1 configurations (or more) to address what you are looking for as well as to improve read performance.

So yes, its is possible to have more than two drives in a mirror set, however, it will come down to whose RAID hardware system, controller, adapter or software you are using and what they actually support.

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Hello all,
We have a server with Win Server 2003 operating sys. It has 3 HDD in Raid 1. Two years ago we lost one of the drives. I replaced it with brand new and configure it in the Raid system as part of the group. I thought the data automatically will mirror itself in the new drive but it didn't. Now we have lost another drive and only one drive left with all the data. I'm not an expert in computer technology but I have basic idea and with detail procedure I can do the job. I was wondering If I could get some help on this matter.
Thank you in advance.