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Production environment "got-chas"

Yes, I have a question. We currently have the IBM Shark ESS device and have loaded it down with our mainframe DB2 databases. We also configured an LSS segment of 420 gb. that we want to use as a test area for SAN. What is your experience with this set-up? Are there any "got-chas" I should be aware of?

My Management is frightened to try this. Their fear is wiping out our Mainframe production environment.


You haven't mentioned the hardware, connectivity and O/S of your environment, so I am going to make some assumptions:

1. The host is S/390

2. The ESS is connected to host over ESCON

3. Most likely your SAN includes one or more variant of Unix and Windows (NT or 2000).

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that System/390 architecture allows only one channel program to be active to a disk volume at any point in time (in analogy to record locking) while ESS brings the capability to do more than one I/O to S/390 Logical Volume, i.e. OS/390 host can have several UCBs for the same LV (Multiple Allegiance).

Note: If you need more information please send me another email and I will send you some more detailed documents covering your concerns.

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