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We have a problem. We used a full Fibre Infotrend RAID controller and want to make a system with two Compaq ES40 alpha servers (O/S:TRU64/TRUCluster). ES40 have an Emulex HBA and Infotrend RAID use a Qla2200 chip.

  • When we used a 1 RAID, 1 server, we had no problem.
  • When we used a 1 RAID, 2 server with Trucluster, the Bios didn't read RAID Information.

In my view, it's a WWN problem so I updated RAID firmware. It makes the LUN ID each other. Bios didn't read the RAID information but O/S can see a RAID device and, after reboot it lost the RAID information.

What's wrong? Thanks.

Compaq has a support matrix for TruCluster using alphaservers. The most common HBA is the KGPSA adapter from Compaq. You should use the Compaq drivers too. On the alpha side you need to run WWIDMGR to provide a WWN alias for the boot devices in the SAN. The alphaserver must be set to "diagnostic" mode before you can run the WWIDMGR commands.


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