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Primary storage deduplication increasingly at play in all-flash arrays

Leah Schoeb of Evaluator Group discusses how primary storage deduplication increases efficiency and longevity of solid-state storage.

Have you seen a lot of development around primary storage deduplication driven by SSD, or do you expect to see more?

There seems to be a lot of development around deduplication and compression for all-flash arrays. In many environments, such as a virtual desktop infrastructure, there are many copies of the same files. Data reduction technologies store files once and use a reference map for the rest of the copies. This makes better use of expensive solid-state capacity and can extend the lifespan of solid-state devices by reducing the amount of data written to the drives. This can keep Capex expenditures on solid-state devices low.

There are software companies on the rise that offer software implementations of deduplication for arrays without native deduplication. A good example of this type of software is Permabit's Albireo, which offers data optimization software purposely built for storage efficiency. A number of solid-state storage array vendors have OEM deals with Permabit for deduplication and compression, as well as for thin provisioning and replication.

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