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Ports changing from fabric to loop mode

Storage expert Greg Schulz explains why a reader's ports are changing from fabric to loop mode.

Ports on my Brocade 4100 have been changing from fabric ports to loop ports. What is the significance of this and why does it happen?
When are the ports changing from fabric to loop mode? Are they changing randomly on their own and independently of when any devices are being added, removed or powered on?

The significance is that if a loop device, for example an older tape drive, is attached and powered on, a fabric port can automatically sense and change to loop mode. Likewise, if a loop device were removed and a fabric enabled device were plugged into the port, the Brocade switch can automatically sense and change it to fabric port.

If your ports are changing randomly and independently of any devices being added, removed, powered up, or during backups, check with your solution provider or the Brocade tech support Web site to see if you need to adjust some settings or firmware.

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