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Outsourcing storage

Hey, I am marketing a service for a company that provides a global infrastructure that stores, manages, and serves a company's files over the Internet. We are talking about digital and rich media files and documents. What are some questions that I could ask a client concerning their current environment? Also, what are some concerns that companies are faced with in reference to a global infrastructure? The company provides a storage center to store all of the company's information, but it will not be onsite at the company's location. Just needed a heads up on what is being talked about out there in terms of this.


The question is, why would customers be interested in outsourced storage?

There are two basic areas to explore that you will need to understand with each customer you approach:

What is the cost of managing storage?
*Disk subsystem installation time
(are there hidden costs during delays in implementations)
*Professional services fees
*Out of disk errors emergency admin time
*Acquisition planning staff time
*Capital costs of storage
*Lifecycle of storage
*Backup administration and off site storage/transfer

What do you want to do with stored data?
*Mirrored/replicated for disaster tolerance
*Data transfers to remote locations for easier-cheaper-faster access
*Shared with business partners

There are probably some I've missed. In a few months you can probably add a few items to the list, but you probably won't for competitive reasons!

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