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Optimum storage configuration for OLTP mode

SAN expert Greg Schulz answers a reader's question: "How would I set up a storage configuration for optimum performance when in OLTP mode?"

Using DB2 UDB running on UNIX, how would I set up a storage configuration for optimum performance when in OLTP mode?
Without knowing more about your applications performance characteristics and service requirements along with what type of storage you have, a specific recommendation would not be appropriate. However in general, look to spread your database files and objects including log files, journals, indices and tables across different volumes to avoid bottlenecks and contention.

For write intensive applications, RAID 0+1 is a good fit and for I/O or transaction intensive files and objects, solid state disk can be a good fit. If you have not already done so, check out the various IBM Redbooks and RedPapers pieces where you can find in-depth articles on configuring storage for DB2/UDB on UNIX for different types of storage.

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