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We have two Compaq OpenVMS systems, one using an EMC Symmetrix box and the other one an IBM Enterprise Storage Server. Questions: a) do the EMC/IBM boxes support OpenVMS Volume Shadowing and b) if yes, can a shadowset volume be on the EMC and the other one on IBM?

Thanks in advance.

I don't know how OpenVMS volume shadowing works. The key is whether or not there is some special protocol used between the OpenVMS system and storage that must be supported by the storage subsystem. If there is no special handshaking that goes on, then the use of the subsystems should be more or less interchangeable. I suspect that the interconnect used by OpenVMS is SCSI or FC, in which case volume shadowing will work. Both subsystems appear more or less an "super disk drives" that are accessed by the OpenVMS systems. But Digital has some interesting implementations of storage and sophisticated controllers (HSCs?) and you need to get the details about the I/O channel they have.

Sorry I couldn't be more precise.

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