Old and new benchmarks

Hi Randy,

What do you think of Auspex filers compared with NetApps in terms of performance. In particular, Auspex NS2000 and NetApps 740 filers.


Both of the products are not currently offered products - they have been replaced with later, updated NAS devices. Consequently, they have not been put to the performance test with the new spec benchmark. You can compare them with the old spec benchmark at: http://www.specbench.org/osg/sfs97/results/indexall.html.

Be aware that the old spec benchmark was replaced because of some issues with working set size. The http://www.specbench.org/ Web site has a detailed explanation of the defect found in the old benchmark. If you do compare the two product families with the old benchmark data, the N2000 has slightly more operations per second the F700 series. Most people would be interested in the latest product because of new purchases, however and that's a new ballgame.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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