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Offsite vs. onsite storage

Storage expert Greg Schulz discusses offsite vs. onsite storage.

What are some pros and cons of offsite storage vs. onsite storage?
Simply put, offsite storage gives you protection from having something happen to your local data. On the other hand, local onsite data should be faster and avoids the cost of accessing data over a network. A hybrid approach combines local onsite data storage with offsite to store backups for data protection, support disaster recovery and business continuance.

When deciding what is right for your organization, some things to keep in mind are the availability and type of...

network bandwidth, the recurring cost of network bandwidth, the cost of the offsite storage provider and what changes are needed for your infrastructure to support offsite storage. Also, keep in mind data security requirements to counter any and all applicable threat risks when moving and storing data offsite as well as onsite. In addition to network bandwidth, pay attention to network latency which is how responsive the network is.

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