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New 2.5-inch PCIe SSD form factor emerging

Dennis Martin, independent storage expert and founder of Demartek, discusses the 2.5-inch PCIe SSD form factor in this Expert Answer.

We are starting to hear about the 2.5-inch PCIe SSD form factor. How will that be used, and do you expect wide adoption?

Yes, I think that is a great form factor. SCSI Express uses it; NVMe will use it or can use it. Even the SATA guys are talking about some kind of 2.5-inch form factor taking advantage of SSD over PCIe. Once the backplanes get standardized, you can have regular SATA, regular SCSI or PCIe all on the same connector. The newer connectors support that.

I think we will start to see 2.5-inch PCIe SSD adoption move up. I think people will start to say, "Yeah, I need the bandwidth. I need that fast performance," especially if you start to put lots of applications there. It is still new, and like anything, it is going to take some time to get adopted, but it is really quite interesting.

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