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Networking evolution

Hi, we have a pair of AIX servers in HA sharing a pair of DAS 5720 of BULL. We have Gadzoox hubs implementing the connection. Which would be the correct way to evolve since we need more storage (about 400Gb) and more process for new apps. The fact is, is it the time to go to SAN? Would it be possible to mix heterogeneous servers, suppose IBM with Bull, etc.?

The answer to your question is another question. "What does BULL support?"

You can usually mix OS and server types in a loop environment, and loops work just fine for applications that don't do high throughput type data access (high MB per second rather than high I/O per second). When you start adding servers though, you need a way to do LUN security through the connection so you can limit who sees what. I'm not familiar with the Bull 5720, so ask them whether they support this.


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