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NFS vs. CIFS for Red Hat Enterprise 4

NAS expert Randy Kerns offers advice about using NFS or CIFS for Red Hat Enterprise 4.

Since Red Hat Enterprise 4 has an issue with not showing current disk space properly with NSF3, would using CIFS introduce any performance issues? 

By the way, NFS3 does show the correct disk space available in FedoraCore. The environment is Domino 7 running on Linux with external storage on the EMC NAS across a Gigabit Ethernet.

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As to adding CIFS, that is a different issue. You'll need to install Samba to get access for CIFS and there are many different variables to consider for performance. One of the most important ones is the number of file handles you have established. Once the number gets above 128, it seems to slow down a bit.

One other thing to keep in mind, although it may not be related, is that the Red Hat Enterprise 4 default security settings are ultra paranoid. That many cause some issues with NFS.

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