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NAS benchmarks

I am looking at some tests results (benchmarking results) about NAS solutions:

Hitachi Thunder 9585V
NetApp GF960

I would like to know your opinion about these solutions. In your experience, have you seen a performance variance between the HDS Thunder 9585V and the NetApp GF960?

Are there any performance test results published on the Internet?

I am a little confused here: the Hitachi Thunder 9585V is a block storage system, not a NAS device. It can be used behind a NAS gateway such as the NetApp GF960. The performance of the NetApp GF960 can be affected by the type of storage attached behind it. So, comparing these two products is not really a direct comparison of NAS. The NetApp GF950 also performs block I/O, but you specifically asked about NAS.

Click here to access a Web site where NAS benchmarks are posted. There are benchmarks for the NetApp GF960 using the Hitachi Thunder 9980V as backend storage.

For block I/O, the only industry standard benchmark is from the Storage Performance Council. Results are posted at www.storageperformance.org. However, some vendors don't post their results, which is very disappointing.

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