NAS appliance backup

What is the most effective way of backing up data on some NAS devices such as Quantum Snap Server and MaxAttach? I understand both do not support NDMP. For MaxAttach with SCSI ports, can I attach a tape library directly to it? If so, what are the software and/or agents required to backup data in a MaxAttach? For those without SCSI ports like the Snap Server, what's the best way to backup data?

A NAS appliance can be backed up like any other networked server. With tape drives attached to another server on the network a variety of network backup programs can be used such as Veritas Backup Exec or even the TAR and CPIO utilities.

For the Quantum Snap Server, Quantum recommends using DataKeeper Snap Edition. There is a white paper on the subject located at: http://www.snapappliances.com/products/technical/white_papers/Backup%20&%20You.pdf

The MaxAttach NAS device has convenient SCSI ports where tapes drives can be attached directly. Also, a nice feature is the pre-loaded Microsoft backup software. Maxtor also recommends the 1Safe backup client. 1Safe NAS Edition information is available at: http://www.1vision.com/. More MaxAttach backup information can be found at: http://www.melco.co.nz/computer/docs/maxtor/nas-4000-series-overview.asp#BKP


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