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Do you know of any major issues with NAS and Distributed File System for Windows 2000 server and advanced server?

I don't know of any specific problems but I did find some information on that Microsoft support database that might...

be relevant:

Distributed File System (DFS) Home Directory Prevents Other DFS Connections (Q172330) - this error is regarding home directories with leafs on the same server. Only SMB (CIFS) semantics are supported and not DFS. This may be a problem for what you're trying to do.

In addition, I'm not sure that there isn't a conflict with Active Directory in this area. Since I haven't done this and don't know anyone who has, I recommend that you send an e-mail to Microsoft support (go through their Web site) and specifically ask them if there are any issues.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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