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Moving from a modular array to an enterprise array

This is a Q&A from SAN School Lesson 2.
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How difficult is it to move from a modular array to an enterprise array as needs require you to make the transition?
The latest versions of storage management solutions are moving ahead with a way to classify data via policy and then use a method of HSM which uses the software itself or a function of the hardware to automatically migrate data between platform classes based on the created policy. This allows you to create an SLA on specific data types or applications, add the application to the policy and the data ends up on the correct storage based on the SLA.

In the meantime, you can always use the host OS to create mirrors of your volumes (one member on the modular and the other on the monolithic) to migrate data between platforms. Your storage vendor can also help you do this via a services agreement when you want to make the move.


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