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Moving database from SAN to NAS

I'm considering moving my Unidata database from SAN to NAS. The database is mid-sized (300 GB) with moderate transaction rates. It feeds our JDE applications. Do you have any thoughts on the viability of this solution?
There are a couple of things to consider when looking to move your Unidata database from SAN to NAS beside the size. While you want to make sure that there is enough storage capacity available on the target NAS device, also verify that there is enough storage to perform any mirroring, or point-in-time copy (snapshots). Some other items to consider include: What is the I/O rate and size of the I/Os and what is the I/O pattern? In other words, is this I/O intensive or is it a light I/O workload? A more important item to consider is if Unidata is actually supported on NAS and under what configurations and restrictions.

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