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More on a poor man's SAN

Christopher, in your recent expert response titled "How to set up a poor man's SAN" did you miss a step?

A reader recently asked this question:

Christopher, in your recent expert response titled "How to set up a poor man's SAN" did you miss a step? You said, "To do this, you will need to purchase two external SCSI terminators, and two SCSI 'Y' adapters. You place the terminators on one end of each Y adapter, connect the other end of each Y cable to the other via female-to-female extension cable then, connect the bottom part of each Y to the external SCSI connector on each server. You will have to reset the SCSI IDs on the controller in each server to be unique with one being at ID7 and the other at ID6. Your drives should be set to 0-6. It should look something like this:"

Shouldn't their be a Y adaptor off the SCSC disk pack as well that branches to each of the other Y adaptors?

Chris Poelker responded:

All you need is the two Y adapters for the cluster when you connect to a storage array that has dual SCSI controllers. If you are going to use a disk shelf that only has a single SCSI port, then you would certainly need some way to connect both cable ends to the shelf. This can be done with a Y cable as you propose, or you can use a "tri-link" adapter to a single port.

Here's a diagram that should help:


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This was last published in November 2003

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