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Migrating storage

Chris, do you have any procedure to migrate storage from one Symmetrix to another in a same fabric using Veritas VM on Solaris server, or can you can recommend any storage replicator software for Symmetix migration. Thanks in Advance

Since you brought up Veritas VM, I am assuming you are using Solaris. Under NT or Win2K, I have found using disk admin is a very easy way to do this. Install another HBA in the machine, and assign a disk of larger or equal size to that HBA in the array you want to migrate to. Next, open disk admin and create a mirror set using the original disk as the source, and the new disk as its mirror. Once the copy is complete, simply delete the mirror set, reletter the new disk to the old disks drive letter, and shut down the system. Once shut down, remove the original adapter, and reboot.

Since an FTDISK mirror set is an exact duplicate, the disk signatures should be the same, and the system should come up normally on the new array. (One caution here is to make sure the "physical disk" attributes remain the same in the registry and that the drive letters on the new disks match the drive letters on the old disk for each "physical disk" instance.)

A similar approach can be used for Solaris using Veritas VM. It's easier too, since there is no need to concern yourself with NT style disk signatures. Just add in the new HBA to the new array, and use VM to mirror the data. Break the mirror when done. Now move the new HBA into the old HBAs PCI slot, and the new disk should come up just like the old one did.


  • You may need the same HBA type
  • You may need to alter SD. conf to access the new drive (add the path through the new HBA)
  • You can do all this with one server for the entire subsystem by temporarily allowing access to all LUNs to that server

Another more convenient method is to use SRDF to mirror the entire subsystem. This requires a license for SRDF for both arrays though.

The last method is to have your vendor do it for you... but, this will require professional services dollars.


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