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Migrating data from CDs to other media

Our security copies have reached about 3000 CDs, and we're realizing that CD support is not eternal. We want to pass it to another storage system (for example, HDD for daily consulting and tapes for long-term backup).

My first question is, do you know any technique to pass the CDs to other format? An additional problem is that our CDs were recorded from Macs! It is pharaonic work. Do you have a solution?

This sounds like a very interesting question. You can take the files off a CD file system manually, or script up a copying process to move them to disk-based storage subsystems. I would suggest looking at a Mac-based scripting tool and an NFS stack to move the files to a disk-based subsystem, so they can be shared between CIFs and NFS (Windows, and Unix derivatives). I would look at the ATA-based disk subsystems. Many companies offer the type of disk subsystem that you are looking for. I would suggest that you start an evaluation and lay out your requirements with regard to storage size, speed, manageability, accessibility, cost, etc.

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