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Managing iSCSI/FCIP SANs with SRM/HSM products

Which SRM/HSM products can be used to manage iSCSI/FCIP SAN?
HSM doesn't really manage devices so it should be discounted here. SRM does both passive and active types of management, if it is good offering. Passive SRM is just reporting and monitoring, while active SRM actually does management and takes actions based on conditions. Which products are supported is very dependent on the vendor, particularly the amount of work they've put into developing software and testing against particular products. With the advent of SMI-S, this should get easier and we should see a wider range of supported products. Right now, you will have to check with the vendor of the SRM solution to see which products it supports. You cannot assume that any your vendor supports any particular technology (iSCSI, for example). You must look for individual product support.

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