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Making a LUN accessible from two servers

I have connected the same SCSI disk across two hosts, giving both hosts as exclusive logins. My SCSI disk is detected and visible from both initiators. Now, when I write a file from initiator 1 to the disk, and force a bus reset, initiator 2 can't see the file. Is there any way to force the initiator to reread the disk from the initiator instead of reading from the cache?
You should read the release notes, as well as check the Web site for your particularly operating system as a starting point. Not all operating systems will allow you to share a LUN and make it accessible from two servers assuming they are the same type of operating system. Take a look at the mount commands for your particularly operating system to see what is supported. Even after forcing a bus reset, the filesystem and your operating system on the second server will need to be aware of the file. This is where distributed filesystems and NAS can be of help.

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