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Macintosh and NAS

I have a Network Appliance NAS server. I mounted the NAS volumes onto my Win2000 servers and in some cases, I have to share a volume from that Win2000 server. The problem I have is that I can't share a mounted NAS volume from a Win2000 server. I also have some applications that require a local disk. It's a shame that I must buy more local disk space just for these applications when I have a NAS solution.

In my company we have Macintosh computers. NetApp doesn't support AppleTalk so I mounted the NAS volume onto a UNIX server and share the volume on the UNIX server with the program EtherShare. I'd like to share the NAS-volume to the Macintosh computers through a Win2000 server. Is it possible to make Win2000 act like the NAS volume is a local disk?

You can set up a share of a shared resource using DFS (Distributed File System) semantics. It's probably best to read about how to do this by searching the Microsoft Website. Be aware that this may not work for some database applications such as SQL. Read this note to get more information.

You really need to do your homework on how DFS naming and exports work but for some applications this will work.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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