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MSCS cluster on Win2000 problems

We've run into a problem when we copied files to two nodes Active/Active with Compaq Windows2000 advance server with Compaq SAN. It worked fine until it went to failover or move group. We lost all files in the test, but CHKDSK will recover all of files. Also, when assigning rights on the folders, once it goes to failover, all manual assign rights are lost. Thanks.

I assume you are running in an MSCS cluster on Windows 2000 advanced server. I also assume that since you are copying files to the nodes, you are using a shared folder for File/Print resources.

One mistake a lot of folks do when creating File/Print resources under MSCS is they create the file shares with explorer rather than directly through the cluster interface. All file share resources should be set up within the MSCS GUI. Make sure you are using a "Physical" LUN on the Compaq storage array, rather than a partition, as partitions don't failover very well.

Separate your Quorum resource from ALL OTHER resources. In other words, use a separate physical disk for the quorum resource. This prevents failover issues. NTFS version 5 under Advanced Server does journaling, so CHKDSK should not take as long to run vs. NT4.0.

Make sure you are using the HSZdisk driver from the Compaq Windows2000 platform kit and that your KGPSA adapter has the latest firmware on it. Losing permissions on the folders should not be happening. Make sure you have no errors in the errorlog or cluster log files for the quorum resource, and the disks that the shared folders are on.

Always use a RAIDSET for your Quorum and file share resources to protect from disk failures. In any case, contact your Compaq service engineer to help you solve the problem.


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