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Looking for replication software

Hi Christopher,

I'm looking for software that enables replication over SAN network. This product should work in a switch without using server resources.

If you are looking for a solution that does not require server resources for the copy, then you need to purchase your SAN storage from a vendor that provides remote copy in the Firmware of their array.

The most common are Hitachi, EMC, Compaq, HP, and IBM. There are software-based solutions, but these all require a server to run the copy function. If you plan to use replication for Database type applications, then make sure your vendors replication solution provides for "data fidelity," meaning the copy function writes the data "in the same order" on both sides of the replication. This is done by time-stamping and sequence IDs of each write operation to the cache at the primary side so that it can be "re-played" in order at the remote side.

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