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Looking for real reasons and case studies?

Can you give me the top five "real" reasons for implementing a SAN in a homogeneous server environment like Microsoft or Solaris or even Linux?

Do you have any case studies outside of the Fortune 500? The ones I have now are: Enterprise storage utilization, backup and recovery management savings. This con is valid too: SPOOF: single point of obvious failure.

I'll give you the top 13.

  • Case 1-Increased disk utilization
  • Case 2-Deferring disk procurement
  • Case 3-Terabytes (TB) per administrator improvement
  • Case 4-Reduce data center rack/floor space
  • Case 5-Deferring tape library procurement
  • Case 6-New disaster recovery (DR) capabilities
  • Case 7-Online recoverability options
  • Case 8-Improved data path availability
  • Case 9-Reduction of general-purpose UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT servers
  • Case 10-Improve LAN/WAN performance, avoid upgrades
  • Case 11-Reduce/eliminate backup servers
  • Case 12-Reduce/eliminate batch, backup windows
  • Case 13-Storage on demand

There is a great white paper by David Merrill that can be found at: http://www.hds.com/pdf/3SAN_ROI_Wht_Ppr.pdf#. It covers the complete 29 case models of why making an investment in SAN technology is a wise investment. ROI is a very important topic especially in this economic climate. I'm sure reading this paper will help you better understand the reason SAN is such a hot topic these days. A SAN will save you money in the long run.


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