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Looking for centralized storage

My environment has an AIX, HP UX and Windows NT servers. I am looking for centralized storage for file I/O. I have an IBM LTO (100/200 GB) drive, which has to connect to the central storage box for centralized backup. I am still not clear as to which NAS box I have to go for, i.e. NetApps, IBM, Compaq or Procom?

1. Could you help me on this issue with a comparison outline?

2. Is NDMP a must for a NAS box?

Thank you.

You've asked a question that is complex and is usually done as a research project. A simple answer for this e-mail question would not sufficiently be complete enough to make an informed decision. I recommend either you, one of your staff or a paid consultant do the analysis as to what product best fits your environment. All the products you've listed can indeed do what you ask. As to which one is best for you will require more understanding of your requirements and the price you are willing to pay.

NDMP is not necessary to have an effective backup solution. It may make it easier by offloading some of the control mechanics but other solutions can work effectively.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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