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Looking for an adapter

I have a PC running Windows ME. Can I install a SCSI FC drive to an Adaptec 2940UW controller? If I need an adapter, what kind and where can I get one?

I'm confused... SCSI is the protocol used on FC drives. If the physical interface on the drive is FC, then the answer is no. If the physical connector is SCSI, you will need a cable that matches the connector for the Adaptec controller and a terminator if it's not going to be the last device in the SCSI chain. You will also need to set the SCSI ID on the drive. ID 7 is the usual adapter ID, so use ID 0-6 for the drive.

The newer adapters are using VHD (high density) SCSI connectors, so make sure your cable matches the connectors at both ends. You can purchase cables at any computer store that have different cable ends (the adapter part) built into the cable.


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