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Looking for a device availability list and standardization

Where can I find or do you have a listing regarding device availability, some form of standardization used within the IT community? I am interested in a breakdown of the different devices such as routers, switches, HA servers (HP/Compaq, Stratus, IBM, etc.). It could be high-level or extremely detailed in regards to the telecom devices and/or the server listings.

I understand that the manufacturers publish specs, which probably include availability but I was hoping that some kind of standardization regarding availability (and its numbers) is documented and out there for general knowledge.

I'm afraid that I have never seen or heard of such a list. It's an interesting idea but I suspect that it's unlikely you'd get most vendors to participate in something like that. And if you did, how could you be sure that the data was trustworthy?

If you find something like this, please let readers know in SearchStorage.com's .qjVyakiuuDN.0@.ee83ce2!viewtype=&skip=&expand=>Backup/Recovery forum.


Evan L. Marcus

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