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Looking for a DLM for general case filers

We currently have NetApp F840 filers installed and have an application that wants to support shared folder level access for users from two unlike OSs (Unix, NT) using different file systems (NFS and CIFS). The only method we have determined we can use to invoke control of access permissions is a configuration file that exists on the filer.

Are there network file products available that support security access privileges for multiple files systems out-of-band or external to a physical filer? Thanks for your assistance.

I'm not aware of any specific Distributed Lock Managers (DLMs) that exist for filers that work in a general case. Certain applications have that functionality as part of their offerings. An example is Oracle Parallel Server. The application has to be "aware" of the access serialization requirements and work with a DLM of some type. You didn't mention what application you had. Your best bet is to ask the application vendor what facilities they have to accomplish what you need.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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