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Laptop SSD applications and monitoring

Learn what applications benefit from laptop SSDs and what tools are available to monitor wear on these drives in this Expert Answer from Marc Staimer.

What are the top business applications that can benefit from laptop SSDs, and is there software available to monitor the number of writes to a laptop SSD?

Laptop boot-up time (laptops boot and shut down very fast on an SSD), sleep mode (laptops resume from sleep mode almost instantly) are the main benefits of using laptop SSDs. 

Other good business application uses for laptop SSDs include: Microsoft Office (it speeds application and file startup, especially with large PowerPoint files, accelerated Excel calculations and sorts); video editing (it speeds application and file startup, rendering, 3D, special effects and especially reads); photo editing (it speeds application and file startup, sorts, saves and special effects); sound editing (it speeds application and file startup, saves and special effects); databases (it specifically reads, sorts, hot data and queries); and any application that sends pages to disk on a regular basis.

And, yes, there are utilities that come with the laptop OS that also monitor the writes. One good Windows software utility is SSDLife. But it is highly unlikely that a user can ever approach the write-erase wear lifecycle.

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