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LUN settings

We are using an HDS 9960 to provide storage for Sun boxes with JNI HBA cards. Everything works OK except LUSE (LUN Expansion). When I configure expanded LUN consisting of six logical devices (LDEV) it is correctly displayed as OPEN-E*6 by EZFibre (ezf), while conventional (non-expanded) LUNs are displayed as OPEN-E. As each LDEV is 14GB in size, I expect the expanded LUN to be 14x6=84GB in size.

However, Solaris "format" utility displays size as 14GB. We rebooted the box with "-r" but it did not help. We also reconfigured expanded LUN with a new LUN number, which has never been used before, to make sure that we are not looking at an "old" device. This did not help, either. Thanks.

This should show up correctly using the latest JNI drivers and patch revisions to Solaris. If you still have problems, please refer to Page 38, Chapter 3 of the 9900 Solaris Install Guide that came with your subsystem. It lists a table of the correct geometry settings for the disks to enter under the "Type" subcommand of the Solaris "Format" command.


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