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LEGATO/VERITAS differences

What are the differences between LEGATO and VERITAS? I seem to hear a lot about VERITAS and little about LEGATO. Do you have a matrix of pros and cons for the software that would be helpful for evaluations? I know other products are on the market such as SyncSort, ADSM, and others, but it seems like the LEGATO and VERITAS camps are being formed in the market. Can you help me with some unbiased information? Not Marketing FLUFF!

This is the type of question that is more of a consulting question or an industry analyst question than belongs here. But I'll answer anyway within the context provided here.

LEGATO and VERITAS compete vigorously in the backup and data availability markets. LEGATO has a longer heritage in backup but VERITAS has a longer heritage in volume management, virtualization and file systems ? something LEGATO does not have at all in its product line.

Yes there are camps. Big deal - let there be camps! This is what defines markets. Both companies have had management changes and both have had disappointments recently in business and in their valuation.

Beyond that if you want a competitive analysis you will need to schedule a private consultation or buy somebody's research report.

Marc Farley

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