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Keeping track of customers' current hardware

Is there a form that the SAN consultants can use to keep track of the present hardware of their customers? Like the hardware platforms, SAN switches, tape libraries, disk arrays all broken down to detail or something even generically?
All consultants offering the mentioned services use some form of questionnaires and/or spreadsheets to track this information. I am not aware of a free available form/sheet that has all you might need. If the customer uses SRM software already, it can be used as a valuable source for such data. One of the biggest issues however is the changes that are often made to configurations. Configuration management therefore is an important process to keep the performance and interoperability between the elements within a SAN in sync. Especially for SAN environments, the Boston-based company ONARO offers software in that area.

Hope that helps.

This was last published in June 2004

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