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Is primary storage deduplication important for SSDs?

Independent storage expert Marc Staimer discusses the importance of primary storage deduplication in SSD and hybrid storage systems.

How important is primary storage deduplication for solid-state storage?

Deduplication on solid-state storage aims at increasing the amount of usable solid-state storage. This reduces the effective cost per usable GB, making it more cost-justifiable when compared with HDD storage. When married to hybrid storage (a combination of SSD and HDD), storage cost per GB can be below that of a pure HDD system.

Primary data dedupe on SSD or hybrid SSD storage systems is more effective than on HDD because the SSD performance hides the latency associated with reading or rehydrating the deduped data.

Ultimately, the importance of primary storage deduplication is in how it makes SSD storage more cost-competitive.

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The value of primary storage efficiency features like deduplication, thin provisioning, and compression are proportional to the cost per GB of the underlying storage. So dedupe, thin provisioning, and compression are more valuable on expensive SSDs than inexpensive SATA disks.