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Interrupters and adaptors

I know how the IDE interrupter works and how to configure it but I don?t how to configure a SCASI adaptor and, how do I configure more than one SCASI hard drive?

Configuring a SCSI Host Bus Adapter (HBA) is pretty straightforward. Depending on the HBA you will be able to configure the drives with a target ID (TID) of 0-16 (TID 7 is reserved) and Logical Unit Number (LUN) 0-7.

Assuming you are adding less than eight drives, you will want to use the default TID (usually 0). Each drive needs to be assigned a separate LUN. The LUN assignment can be assigned with a jumper on the physical hard drive, or via the OS.

Hope this helps.

Jim Booth

This was last published in August 2001

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