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Integrating a SAN OpenVMS

I have to integrate on a SAN OpenVMS, Sun Solaris, Windows/NT /2000 and IBM AIX. Which vendor would you choose or do I have the choice because of VMS?

Vendors to consider: Hitachi, Compaq, EMC (Symetrix, Clariion)

The answer to this question depends on the version of VMS you currently use. Hitachi has plans to support OpenVMS VERY soon. EMC supports OpenVMS today, but under older versions of VMS requires a third party adapter (trident controller) to translate CI based MSCP(mass storage control protocol) traffic to SCSI in their box. The newer implementations are pure fibre, but requires OpenVMS 7.2 (Tru64 UNIX needs 5.0a) and above. Compaq is most likely your best bet here because VMS was invented at Compaq/Digital and they have the best support for that environment. The StorageWorks platform can support all the versions you are using concurrently and has native support for Alpha systems, VAX systems and VMS and NT clustering. Go to http://www.compaq.com/openvms, for more information on supporting VMS in a SAN.

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