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IOMETER's throughput

I am currently running IOMETER on a Dual CPU P3 W2K Host with single 1 Gb FC HBA to test the data throughput between this host and a Hitachi 9200 connected via Brocade switch. The IOMETER is showing 415 MBps throughput for 64KB sequential read linear load. Is there anything wrong? How can a 100 MBps connection yield 400 MBps throughput?

The 9200 is VERY fast on sequential reads... And I REALLY like your results, but make sure you are reading it right. How many threads and I/O queues are you using? What is the buffer size of the HBA? I usually get around 97MB per second on a single HBA and around 27000 I/O per second for a single HBA. Perhaps you are confusing I/O per second with MB per second.


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