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IBM's NAS products

What is the general feeling in the market about IBM's NAS products running on a clustered Windows kernel? Should customers be worried about security since many viruses are written to attack such a popular operating system? Also, how stable or problematic is it to get the Microsoft cluster working on the dual node 300G?

You need to remember that the IBM NAS products as well as some other vendors use the SAK or Server Appliance Kit that is a "locked down" version where you can't run other application or other people's software that is where you get into trouble with viruses. You shouldn't be susceptible to the Web server or e-mail type of viruses that we've seen so far.

Regarding clustering operation, that should be part of the support offering for the 300G and IBM should stand behind it so I would have to believe that you will be successful with it.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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