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IBM AIX supporting alternate pathing

Does IBM AIX support alternate pathing to disk devices using the 6227 fibre adapter without the use of specific storage subsystem software? IE powerpath etc.. If so what do I need to do this?

Thanks to Pierre Dansereau for some of this answer....

"IBM AIX natively does not support path failover or load balancing without the use of HDS? HPM, EMC?s Power Path, Compaq's Secure Path, or IBM?s SSD (which used to be DPO)". The following link to IBM's site will help you install the hardware and drivers for the 6227 adapter. http://beta.austin.ibm.com/resource/hardware_docs/sc23-4329/a4az4m05.html

Fibre Adapter qualification for these software packages are listed at each vendors' Web site. An excerpt from IBM's site is as follows:

Fibre Channel lends itself particularly well to Storage Area Networks (SANs). In this environment, the host computers, by the nature of their role, move to the forefront of importance. The Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI Adapter (Feature 6227) is an RS/6000 I/O adapter which provides Fibre Channel connectivity for AIX system hosts. Each adapter, generally known as a Host Bus Adapter (HBA), provides one port for connection into the configuration.

The Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI Adapter Feature is available for certain RS/6000 models which enables them to perform as initiators in Fibre Channel environments such as SANs and allows users to establish a network of high-speed local and remote storage. This adapter plugs into a 32-bit PCI slot and provides single initiator capability over an optical fiber link running up to 100 MB/second.

The Gigabit Fibre Channel PCI Adapter can be connected using either 50 micron or 62.5 micron multi-mode optical fiber. The adapter's features include:

  • 1062 Mbits/sec Fibre Channel Interface
  • PCI Master and Slave DMA capabilities
  • 32-bit slot PCI compatibility
  • Short Wave Optics (non-OFC)* support
  • Upgradable Microcode

Note: *OFC-Open Fiber Control

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