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How to convert an EMC SAN to an HDS SAN

Can you please provide any information as to the procedures, tools, methods, etc. for converting my existing EMC Symmetrix 57xx to the new HDS Lightning SAN without causing any down time?

Our organization has standardized its SAN and taken over an outsourcing contract which currently houses the data on the large EMC Symmetrix.
If you're a mainframe shop, then you can use HODM (Hitachi Open Data Mover) to attach the HDS array to the EMC array to migrate the data online. If you're an open systems shop, then you can either use HDS services to move the data for you or do it yourself via things like FalconStor appliances, Veritas software or server-based mirror sets.

You would need to disable Powerpath for the server-based approach to work since you would be connecting to both storage arrays at the same time. Let's say you have a Solaris server. You can install two HBAs in the server and connect the storage arrays to the same fabrics. Zone out the arrays to their respective HBAs in the server. This would give you one secure connection to each array. You can now create LUNS in the Lightning array that either match or exceed the LUN size in the EMC array. You can use the same LUN numbers in both arrays since each LUN would have a different controller number in the path in SD.conf on the Solaris server.

Now, using Veritas VxVM, you can create a mirror of the EMC disk with the Lightning disk. Once the mirrors are duplicates, just remove the EMC disk from the mirror, redo the fabric zones to give the EMC adapter access to the Lightning storage ports, then add the WWN of the EMC adapter to the LUN security inside the Lightning array. You now have two paths to the Lightning array and your data is still safe on the EMC array should you want to "fall-back" to the original configuration. You can do the same for Windows servers using either Veritas on Windows or creating an Ftdisk mirrorset using disk administrator.

In order to protect yourself and your data though, I would suggest doing a professional services engagement to do the migration. It will be easier on you and your staff.


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