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How much control do you have over caching in all-flash storage arrays?

How much control do you have with all-flash storage arrays? How much control do you have over how arrays handle your data? Do you control the caching?

Most all-flash storage arrays perform caching automatically. One of the things we've seen is the gravitation of customers to less-complex environments. Things have to be simple, and so, you really want an on/off switch for things. You really want it easy.

If you have a lot of parameters to set, it gets complex. That means you need people that are more skilled and well-trained. In other words, your operational expenses are going to be higher.

Most IT shops are looking for really simple. If you look at the majority of flash arrays, you don't have all the parameters you'd see in a disk or hybrid system where you can adjust the amount of tiering, timing, etc.

That being said, I just read a document from a vendor who was talking about detailed management control of all-flash and comparing it to how their spinning disk system works -- so not all vendors share the "keep it simple" philosophy.

I think that's actually the wrong direction. All end users want from an all-flash storage array is, "Hey, it works like this, I don't need to manage cache or anything."

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