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How is data transferred over a Fibre Channel network?

How is data transferred over a Fibre Channel network?

There are lots of layers to this.

  1. Optical encoding of fiber optic links or electrical signaling over copper wires 20% error correction overhead in both cases. There is a ton of detail in making sure that the timings are consistent for transmitted signals.
  2. FC session management establishes connections on pt-to-pt, loop or fabric networks. For more depth, go buy a book or look at the T11 web site.
  3. FC drivers in host systems comply with all lighted sighs and placards of the FC network. They provide an abstraction layer for the serial SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP). They formulate FC frames and manage their sending and receiving.
  4. Upper layer SCSI drivers receive direction from the system kernel and storage applications such as volume managers and backup systems. They control things like time-outs and error recovery.

Marc Farley

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