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How do we connect our AIX TSM server directly to the SAN?

My company has just set up a SAN EMC CX700 with two DAEs. We are using snapshots to the disk. We want to have it so that the snapshots are backed up by the TSM server, which uses a robotic tape libary. We want the TSM server to go directly to the SAN. Can this work? How do we get the AIX TSM server to connect directly to the SAN?
The first thing you will need to do, if you have not already done so, is to SAN-attach your AIX TSM server with a Fibre Channel HBA to the EMC CX700, either directly or via a Fibre Channel switch. You will also need to configure the TSM server to have access to the EMC CX700 snapshot volumes. There are some other details of this setup, including configuring TSM, the EMC Clariion HBAs and switches. You can find more information on the EMC and IBM Web sites.

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