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How do I get hired?

I've been working with a small storage manufacturer/distributor for five years. I sell small NAS systems and CD/DVD Jukeboxes to VARs and end users. I would like to move up to enterprise storage and work for Storage Tek, EMC, MTI, etc. I've got my foot in the door at these places, as I've passed a first interview. How do I prove I'm ready for the next step?

Congratulations on passing your first interview at the enterprise storage firms you mention. I assume that when you say "How do I prove myself," you mean "How do I get hired?" Here are a few thoughts:

1. You have to be able to show competence in your field. As such, emphasize "specific" accomplishments: large sales, major deals with known customers, etc.

2. Listen, Listen, Listen at interviews.

3. Answer interviewer's questions concisely, not too many words.

4. Be honest: if you don't know, say so.

5. Be friendly. Smile occasionally.

6. Be enthusiastic. Show that you are involved, interested and excited about the prospect of working at the company.

7. Develop the three key messages of what Thomas Everitt "brings to the party"; look for an opportunity to share this with the interviewer.

Good luck!

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