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How do I document my SAN, Part 2

I have been tasked with producing and maintaining some of our SAN documentation. Suggested titles are, ESS configuration information and ESS capacity /budget information.

We have no advanced SAN management tools, which doesn't help. Are there any SAN documentation templates out there that may be of value to me or any other resources in terms of documenting a SAN?

Part 2

Click here for Part 1.

Storage management pertinent questions: (cont'd)
Optional backup licenses (open file, exchange, SQL, enterprise backup, etc.)
Please list your perceived mission critical applications (applications where any downtime effects the bottom line)
What is your cost of downtime per hour per application (you may use the Gartner standard schedule)
Do you want to automate backup tasks
Any batch processes in use (describe)
Any automated maintenance processes in use (do your DBAs run DBCC or Exchange ESEUTIL -- what is the schedule)
Any scripted or batch process that effect storage (do you run file system DEFRAG on a regular basis, etc.)
Do you have any server OS hardening software in use (is there anything running on your servers that will effect driver loads/updates)

Server documentation questions:
Server name
Rack number
Dual pathed
SAN connection name
Total volumes
Volume/LUN numbers
Switch name(s)
Port number(s)
OS version
Current capacity (GB)
Used capacity (GB)
Raid type
Total LUNs
Capacity per LUN
Growth rate per year
Network interface/type/speed
IP address
Clustered/type R/W ratio
Total change rate per day Can use NAS
Replicate data
Recovery site
Distance to production
Recovery server/name
Recovery server IP address
Backup schedule
Worst case restore time
Backup window
Backup media type/library location
Retention time
Snapshot required
Single or dual storage access
Total maintenance window
Total acceptable downtime
Hope this helps you get started.


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