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Hitachi 9960 and Symmetrix 8730

Performance wise, how could you rate Hitachi 9960 and Symmetrix 8730? Does the switch technology of Hitachi 9960 have an advantage over bus technology of EMC 8730? How could you compare the performance of Netapp box with EMC or Hitachi 9960?
Netapp is usually a NAS based solution where data access is done via IP rather than FC-SW protocols. The IP stack introduces inherent latency into the data transfer, and thus impacts performance dramatically. Typical bandwidth utilization on Fibre Channel can exceed 90%, where there is usually a 30% performance hit when going over IP. There are IP based solutions that skip most of the IP stack, but these require a host agent. I do work for HDS at this time, so perhaps my opinion here may seem biased, but ALL of the industry analysts are calling the HDS internal switched architecture the solution that "raises the bar" in SAN based storage solutions. Think of it this way, would you rather have your network running on Hubs (shared bandwidth) or switches (point to point).

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